First of all, congrats on seeking help with your podcast. In theory, we can do it all and have it all, but in reality, we like to eat and sleep and have some down-time.

And now you want to hire a producer or editor. Great! But you want them to write show notes, too. Not so great. Granted, some audio people are also writers, so great. But I’m a believer in jack-of-all-trades master of nothing.

Your copy (which are all the words and sentences that go along with your podcast, from show notes to social media posts) is such an important part of your show’s identity. It’s so important that I no longer offer show notes as service. I can do graphics and audio really well & efficiently. Writing? Well, you’re reading it. It’s not stellar. Passable, but not amazing.

Here’s the thing: When a listener is deciding what new podcast to listen to, they encounter 2 things before ever clicking play. You have 2 chances to make an impression.

1) Your Cover Art: hopefully it’s visually appealing and consistent over all platforms.

2) Your Words: The key factor in converting a browser into a listener. Your words, across all platforms, need to be engaging, inviting, well-crafted and 100% relevant to your show. In iTunes, those words are new SEO of meta-tags. They are more important than ever. As important as your show content.

Would you let your audio editor or producer host your show & talk about your business or hobby? No? (and maybe there are times where your editor or producer IS that person… in which case, rock on)

Why do you want your editor or producer to write your copy? I know the answers: Because most of us have experience doing just that and you assume that we are good at it. Podcasters want to keep costs down and producers want to keep money coming in. We all need eat.

BUT would you let your plumber wire electricity in your house because they maybe wired something before? Absolutely NOT.

Oh, says you, but this production company offers show notes! Well, yes, they do. But that’s because they have actual copywriters. And that’s why they are more expensive.

Then how to do have both a producer AND a copywriter?

Well, you find a producer and copywriter in your price range. For instance, Ya Ya Podcasting can refer you to an affordable copywriter. We know great people who freelance.

Or, you can hire a student. Not kidding. There are many students looking for internships and gigs that they can put on their resume. They need real word experience.

Or, outsource the work to someone in another country. There are many, many amazing copywriters in countries like the Philippines where your US Dollar will go far. With strong English skills and college education, you can get a copywriting superstar!

When hiring a copywriter, even it’s your editor and producer, make sure you ask them for a WRITING SAMPLE. I’m amazed at how many podcasters fail to ask for this. They want to hear my audio production skills, but I’ve yet to be asked for a writing sample. WHAT? WHY?

Your podcast is so important to me that I know that my writing is not good enough for your podcast. I hope that it’s important enough to you, too. Recognize the importance of not just your voice, but the words that hold it up.