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What I’m finding is that the interviews are deep and profound at times and that each podcaster I talk with has a POV as unique as their show. But the conversations are also incredibly fun and lol funny at times. GROUP HUG!!!

Now, to help you prepare, here’s the bullet list of what we’ll cover:

  • What you life looked like shortly before you started podcasting.
  • Your ‘why’ for starting a podcast.
  • How long it took you to launch your show from it’s conception.
  • How that ‘why’ evolved over time.
  • The budget you started with.
  • How that budget changed.
  • Unexpected costs.
  • How much time you expected it take produce a podcast vs. how time it actually takes.
  • What takes you the most time.
  • What pieces overwhelmed you.
  • How podcasting has affected your personal and professional relationships.
  • How you keep balance.
  • The most negative impact podcasting has had on your life.
  • The most positive impact of podcasting on your life.
  • What you see new podcasters struggle with.
  • What you are struggling with now.
  • If you could do it all over again, what would you do differently?
  • What do you think the podcasting industry or podcast culture needs to change, if anything?  

Your bio/intro and outro will be recorded after your interview. Make sure your website includes all your pertinent info (your podcast, your socials, etc…)


Does it take long?

No. You won’t necessarily address each bullet point individually. Trust me. 60 minutes has been the longest content time. 90 the longest session (chatty people get together and something happens…)

Will you ask questions you don’t see here?

YEP!!! And I’ll encourage you to go a little deeper at times. (Just ask Steve Stewart)

Can I reschedule?

That’s OK. Email me or refer to the Calendly email with your booking info for a handy link.

Can I embed your player on my website once the podcast is launched?

YES!!! Send me an email, I’ll send you the code. You can create your own copy or steal my show notes.

Have another question not answered here?

Email me: Carrie@yayapodcasting.com

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