All packages include leveling, noise removal and EQing.

Mix & Master Magic

You don’t need any editing, you just need everything well mixed and mastered. We take the audio elements of your show, clean them up, make them the right volume and put them together for you.

$80 per episode

The First Pass

You want to save time, but enjoy putting together the elements of the show. Or maybe you’re not ready to invest in full on editing. That’s why we offer this simple editing solution that will save you time and energy. We do a first pass edit so you can focus on refining your content yourself.

$100 per episode

The Classic Edit

You’ve got a great show, but it needs some polish. You don’t want to spend hours removing most filler words, false starts, stammers, tech glitches and too much silence. You also need the mixing and mastering handled because, let’s face it, you’re busy. We got you.

About 80% of filler words and oral imperfections are removed. 

Includes 1 hour of coaching each month! (a $99 value)

$150 per episode

The Exceptional Edit

You want to remove 99% of imperfections, even those times an um leads straight into another word… and you want it to sound completely natural. We cut where other editors won’t dare to deliver a near perfect, succinct episode.

All filler words and oral imperfections are removed as long as they don’t create audio thumps or destroy context and meaning. 

Includes 1 hour of coaching each month! (a $99 value)

$200 per episode

Editing FAQ

How do I know what editing package is right for me?

See Production & Editing Defined for detailed information on the types of editing available. If you don’t see a package that suits your needs, please contact us for a custom quote.

Can you make everyone the same volume and sound better?

Yes. All editing packages include Mixing–EQ, Leveling and Noise Removal and other enhancements– as needed.

Can you make my show sound like an NPR podcast?

Probably not unless you record exactly like the folks of NPR. Audio quality varies for a variety of different reasons. We do our best to make you sound as wonderful as possible. The quality of the final product you receive will ultimately depend on your raw audio.

How long does it take to have an episode edited?

It depends. Editing time varies depending on length and quality of audio and speakers, but is typically 5 Business Days. Files received after 5pm EST will not be counted until the following day. For instance, if you send a file at 6pm EST on Monday, your file will not be marked received until 8am EST on Tuesday.  

What if I or my guest have distinct speech patterns?

We understand that some people have stutters or tics they can’t control. We also know that some well-know people have a very recognizible pattern of speech. 

Unless you direct us otherwise, we honor those speech patterns in our editing process. For example, we may reduce the amount of stuttering, but not eliminate entirely. 

What type of file will I receive?

Final Audio Files are leveled to ~16 LUFs then exported as .MP3 @ 96kbs stereo or 64kbs mono unless otherwise requested.

Do you provide references?

We’re happy to provide you a list of clients you can chat with about their experience. 

Are you one person or a team of people?

We have a small team of editors and audio engineers that we work with. Usually these editors do a variety of first pass tasks and then each file is reviewed by Carrie for quality assurance before the final mix and master.  

Do I need to credit your work?

Nope. But we love it when our clients do!