Even though you’re sharing your voice with the world, there’s still a lot of writing to be done. Show notes to go with each podcast episode, content to for your blog to continue your conversation and increase your search engine rankings, newsletters, social media posts, lead magnets, About Me pages, bios and media kits… oh my! If that’s not in your wheel house, let our experienced copywriters do it for you. Unlike other copywriting services, our team is made up of skilled people who know podcasting. 

You’ve got the audio, but now what? You need some handy show notes for your listeners to refer to, to help drive conversions, promotions and your website’s SEO. We’ve crafted a team of tried and tested copywriters to help you with those needs. From simple highlights and link to SEO driven blog posts, we craft the words that add value to your podcast and make finding links and offers a breeze for your audience.  

Simple Show Notes

Keep it simple. All you need is an engaging summary, a brief guest bio and links listed for your listener’s convenience.  Reclaim the hours you spend each week jotting down notes, hunting for links and coming up with different ways to say “In this episode…”

$55 per episode

Advanced Show Notes

You have a very specific idea of how your show notes should serve your podcast and your listeners. We’ll help you come up with a template then fill in the blanks week with each episode’s details. You also want an amazing quote to add to use on your social media campaigns and audiograms. We’ve got you.

$75 per episode

Premium Show Notes

You’re on a mission to use the best SEO tactics for your podcast on your website just like the pros. Plus, you want multiple juicy pull out quotes for your episode campaigns. And you want to do it in a way that inspires people to click PLAY. That’s what we LOVE to do!

We use skilled copywriters with podcast SEO experience to deliver show notes that convert.

$125 per episode

For Accessibility & SEO

Transcription serves all of your audience! Get accurate transcripts as text and in a customized PDF for $1 per minute of audio. 

Pitch Your Show & Yourself Professionally

Make a stunning first impression with potential sponsors, media outlets and top podcasts with a thoughtfully crafted, too the point media kit. 

You’ll get…

  • About Section
  • Bios in multiple lengths
  • Contact Section
  • Interviewer Resources

You’ll be able to add this information to your website (and you should) and quickly create a downloadable PDF. 

Get your media kit now for only $297!

Professionally Crafted for You

Did you know you should have more than 3 types of bios on hand? First person, 3rd person… 3 setences, 6 senteces and more… and each framed in your specific niches and for different situations. 

A good bio makes a difference. Have them crafted by an expert copywriter and also have the right info for the right occassion! 


Get Mileage from Your Show

Would you like to create well written blog content and articles from each episode? Is writing that thought-leader style post for sites like Medium falling further down your to-do list? Do you want to expand on a convesation and add more resources, but haven’t gotten to the research yet?

Our experienced copywriter will ghost write companion content for one episode for 100 to publish on any platform!

$197 per article