Do you have burning questions you need answered about podcasting? Are you so overwhelmed by all the information you feel your decision making is stuck? Do you have that one thing that just isn’t working for your podcast but can’t seem to overcome it? Are you struggling to figure how to even record a podcast? That’s okay. I got you. I’ll help you cut through the noise to accomplish your goal, whether it’s growth, monetization or simply how to set up for recording. You don’t have to go it alone.

We keep you accountable, on task and help bring clarity of purpose to your podcasting life. Together, we’ll cut through the noise so you can make the right choices for you and your show.

It’s our goal to empower, inspire and help you share your BEST voice with the world!

Single Session

You know what you need to work on, but need insight, ideas and a solid strategy. Problem with your RSS Feed? Maybe you’re stuck in decision making overwhelm or are ready to upgrade your gear? Do you need some basic editing skills? Whatever the problem, together, we’ll find the solution that fits YOU and your podcast.

Three Sessions

You have a goal, but aren’t sure of the steps to get there. You need a partner, a cheerleader and clarity, plus accountability. It’s more than a single call can cover. We’re here for you. Each month, we’ll have a one-on-one call up to 90 minutes. Plus, get unlimited email support and Voxer access.

Six Sessions

We’ll take a deep dive into your podcasting life to make it work for you. With 6 sessions we can cover multiple issues, come up with action plans that work, and of course, you’ll have all the support you need during this time. We’ll have regular one-on-one calls up to 90 minutes. Plus, get unlimited email support and Voxer access.

Coaching for Podcast Editors

Have you been thinking about editing podcasts professionaly? Are you wondering what skills you absoulutely must have? How to get clients? Do you need to speed up your workflow or build your audio skills? Find out if we can help by scheduling a free discovery call. 

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