The launch has been delayed by a week or so. Let me explain why…

My 85 year old father has been in and out of the hospital since Christmas Eve… the most recent Emergency room visit was the 29th and he’s admitted into hospital, then being transferred to in-patient care facility for recovery. Long story short, co-ordinating with and supporting the sister who is handling the day to day of that has been a big job. (And if you know me, you know that I’ve also been working on a podcast series about my dad, who is by far the smartest, funniest, most interesting person I know and you can see below why he’s awesome)

Returning to Seabreeze from Lauren Petracca on Vimeo.

As if that isn’t enough, after New Years and during this, my 51 year old sister (who happens to live with  my parents) OD’d pain medication and subsequently had a heart attack. (she’s okay now, but there’s another set of complex issues there)

This isn’t a ‘woe is me post.’ I’m very thankful for how things have turned out. Everyone is alive and recovering.

And I could have said, ‘Delayed. Busy. Coming ASAP.’ That woulda been fine.

Instead, I wanted say it out loud to empower you as a podcaster in your choice to change your… launch date… take a week off of publishing… take break from putting out content… or change something that isn’t working because life.

We hear a lot about the importance of consistency. I read on a post last night… and again this morning. I get it. I’m on board with that… to a degree.

But I refuse to do 2 things solely for THE SAKE of consistency:

1) Prioritize my podcast over my family. (I hope I don’t have to say why)
2) Sacrifice the quality and care of the content for the sake of getting it done (and these conversations are my little babies that need proper nurturing)

Number 1 is a real thing. It takes up my time. It zaps my energy. That means that there isn’t much of me to give to anyone else… and I’m also running a business, so after my family’s needs are met comes my clients, an so on…

My podcast, as extraordinary as I think it is, has been lower on ‘what I’m giving energy to list.’ Since it deserves more than getting it out for the sake of meeting an invented deadline, I made the call to delay the launch. Now that the dust has finally settled, I can move forward in a way I couldn’t yesterday or the days and weeks before that. I’ve put it on my calendar, prepared my family and re-charged myself.

I have no guilt and no shame making this choice. I have faith that ya’ll will survive another week without me, in fact, I promise you will.

Making these choices for ourselves will be something you hear on the show. 

Where do you draw the line? How and when do you shift gears, find balance and make it work? How do you determine the cost and ROI on podcasting life? The answers vary, but I can tell you that the more seasoned podcaster has a very different approach than the newer podcaster.

So, yeah…

The good news is that everything should be up by the end of next week. 

And I’m still super excited about it and soooo grateful such incredible people gave up their time to talk to me, put up with Fat Round the Podcat adding the conversation, and poured out their podcasting souls…

I also promise it will be worth the wait.