After helping world class, award winning marketer Rachel Whynot (yes, it IS her real last name), create, launch and edit her podcast,  we’ve partnered with her for her FOUNDER FREEDOM™ BYOB program. Rachel isn’t just an amazing marketer and business coach, she has a story similar to my own. She experienced the burn out that happens when you put your business first and don’t ask for help. That led her on her own journey to build a life and business that served her, not the other way around.

Working with her this past year has been an incredible learning experience. She’s taught me simple strategies to help me in own business and clever marketing strategies that fit the nature of podcasting (like never forgetting the social in social media). So, partnering with her was a no-brainer. Her exclusive BYOB program includes all sorts of done for you services: copywriting, marketing, website design and podcasting (that’s where I come in). Here’s a handy podcast episode that tells you what to expect:

If you’re interested in this program, then CLICK HERE for more info and sign up for the freebie. You can also check out Rachel’s bi-weekly podcast HERE. Hope to see you there!