It starts with a 30 minute discovery call, to find out what you’re doing, what you think needs tweaking and what you’re struggling with. Then, we take a long, hard look at your podcast and all your podcast related thing to identify what’s working for you and what needs improvement, from your audio quality to social media. We come up with an action plan for your to leverage your success and refine your listener experience to take your show to the next level. And we care deeply about making that plan work for YOU and your podcasting life.

We deliver your report and schedule a 90 minute call to discuss what we’ve learned, go over the plan we’ve created and revise it real time to suit you. You’ll receive an updated report for you to implement those changes…

BUT, we know that things happen, theory and application don’t always align, That’s why we offer 30 days of email support while you’re implementing your action plan.  And we offer deeply discounted, on-going coaching support for as long as you need a podcast partner.

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