The Ya Ya Podcasting Story:
My name is Carrie Caulfield Arick & I was the creator, producer and host of the popular memory keeping & scrapbooking podcast, The Digiscrap Geek. I started the podcast from scratch, with only the advice of a friend & colleague.

I quickly learned that podcasting wasn’t very easy. I had to figure out what the heck an RSS Feed was, learn WordPress, figure out how to record a podcast, host a podcast, serve a podcast, get guests on my show, schedule guests… the list goes on and on and on and on. All this while trying to actually create a show with content that mattered to people.

Then there was the matter of budget- I had no clue how much it cost to produce & manage a podcast. At the time in podcasting, there weren’t production companies or freelancers that specialized in helping podcasters. You could take classes to set your podcast & workflow on fire, but on my budget, I couldn’t even strike a match.

So, like many regular, not on fire, podcasters, I learned on my own & with the help of the generous community of podcasters I found myself in. I managed, with the help of my co-hosts and friends, to succeed in podcasting. My show received over 1000 downloads per month per episode, ranking in the iTunes Arts top 50 and in the top 20% of podcasts overall.

But it didn’t FEEL like success. It felt like I was spinning my wheels. I had zero time to leverage my success. I was simply too busy keeping up my content & publishing schedule. I was too busy editing the podcast. Too busy figuring out what I didn’t know I didn’t know.

Then my personal life blew up. Why? Because podcasting took up ALL my time. I neglected personal things I shouldn’t. And I pod-faded… or disappeared completely from niche, from podcast, from my community for two years.

How Ya Ya Podcasting Came to Be
When I got my house in order, I decided to go back to work doing something that would allow me to use my podcasting skills without throwing my life out of balance. I started working with a corporation to launch there podcast. It was an amazing experience. I didn’t realize just how much I missed the art of podcasting. I knew *that’s what I want to do* but this time I wanted to do it better. And I wanted to help people who were like me. On a budget, without a wealth of knowledge, who needed podcasting to work FOR them, not work them to the bone.

I took on more clients over time and realized that 100% of my non-corporate clients had things in common:

  • They spent money on fancy equipment they didn’t know how to use (and you could tell)
  • They didn’t know how to produce a quality audio sound or edit content for an audience
  • They were stuck in time consuming workflows
  • They spent time, energy & money on the wrong things
  • They didn’t know what they didn’t know (and no one told them)
  • They didn’t understand stats or their audience
  • They thought it would be easier

I’d been in their shoes. because those were my problems.

So, I worked at finding strategies that alleviated their burden. I learned that there’s no one-size fits all approach to podcasting. There’s no one right way to podcast. (Anyone who says there is isn’t being truthful) There’s no right number of downloads for which you can claim success.  At it’s heart, podcasting is about adding value to and creating a connection with a community of people.  That’s why I started Ya Ya Podcasting. 

And that is my goal for your podcast: To help you create content that adds value to and connection with your tribe, whomever they may be, using your BEST voice.

I'm a proud E-League Alumni.