What is Just Podcasting About?

Is podcasting as easy as it’s made out to be? Is it really inclusive and accessible? What makes a podcaster cry? What is success in podcasting? What are the true costs of entry into podcasting? Can you really make money podcasting? This show aims to uncover the answers to those questions by asking hard questions of real podcasters and podcasting professionals.

This isn’t a how to podcast show. It’s not a tech show. It’s not marketing your podcast show.

It is a show about what’s rarely discussed: The emotional, physical and social impacts of podcasts on podcasters and podcasting professionals. The reality of podcasting.

Season 1: The True Cost of Podcasting

We’re exploring the true cost of podcasting for podcasters from different backgrounds, at different levels with different budgets. The show is not so much about what you’ve learned, per se, but what your journey was and is really like, what the cost was in money, time, and energy and how creating a podcast impacted your life. Of course, tips and effective coping skills sometimes come up, but it’s not the focus.

On January 30th-ISH, 2019 we’ll be launching season 1 in it’s entirety for your listening pleasure. (Many of you have already expressed curiosity about publishing ala Netflix style will work out. So, we’ll be sharing that information in season 2.)

Want to Participate in a Future Season?

We’re seeking any podcaster or podcast professional willing to talk about honestly about their podcasting journey. Whether your a hobbyist or a pro, on episode 1 or 1000, we’d love to talk with you! If your uncomfortable talking about these subjects publicly, we’re offering the ability to be to completely anonymous.

Send me an email and tell me what YOU want to talk about that isn’t being discussed openly.

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